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Make Your Air Fit To Breathe


A FRESHX professional has the right mindset and is equipped to clean anything from surgical rooms to your living room and guarantees their equipment coming into your home or office is clean and germ free. We train our professionals to be mind conscious of cross contamination and properly sanitize the equipment before coming into your home or office. These standards and ideals are not even thought about by the competition. Our professionals are trained hands-on in many cases under strict supervision in actual surgical in-hospital and given classroom training on infectious diseases and prevention.

What sets FRESHX apart from the competition besides being a NADCA member is the dedication and investment in quality equipment to guarantee the job gets done right the first time.

FRESHX's arsenal of equipment is what you get when you call a certified Air Duct FRESHX professional. We're ready to use the right equipment to accomplish clean results.

FRESHX employs some of the toughest systems in the industry to get the job done right commercially and residential!

System #1

Dual motor and blower unit, this powerful and extremely portable duct cleaning system is equipped for residential and light commercial air duct cleaning. This system can be maneuvered through the tightest doorways and staircases. These systems use a unique 3-stage filtration system, including a final stage 99.97% HEPA filter to assure you that only absolute clean air will be returned back into the environment.

The dual backward incline 1.5 H.P. motor and blower assemblies create a powerful vacuum and allows FRESHX certified technicians to clean-up with confidence.

System #2

Nikro Portable Gas Powered 20HP Machine


The HP20 delivers truck mount job performance to build up a strong negative air pressure to get the job done right every single time.

System #3

Healthcare / Surgical Rooms: FRESHX Air Duct Cleaning

From the Industry Leader - Abatement Technologies®


Abatement Technologies® high-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty tools physically remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from commercial and residential ductwork systems. The HEPA-filtered air duct cleaning vacuums are designed to help a FRESHX duct cleaning professionals clean HVAC duct systems faster and more efficiently.

System #4

Dryer Vent Cleaning System


This system is excellent for cleaning dryer vents and small apartments. Never used by FRESHX as a stand-alone air duct cleaning system.

Inspection System
video inspection

Inspection Color Video Camera System is the all-seeing FRESHX Video eye-vision shows the cleaning technician where the trouble spots are, and verifies the job was done right!